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Featured image for “Episode 8: Perpetual, Oakville, and Diversity”

Episode 8: Perpetual, Oakville, and Diversity

Perpetual Boafo at King’s Christian Collegiate in Oakville, Ontario, invites us into her grade 10 Careers classroom which embodies “diversity + inclusion = belonging.”…
Featured image for “Episode 7: Campfire Conversation”

Episode 7: Campfire Conversation

In this special episode, Darren hosts the first ever Every Square Centimetre “campfire” conversation.…
Featured image for “Episode 6: Liz, Edmonton, and Real Work”

Episode 6: Liz, Edmonton, and Real Work

Liz Rachul at Edmonton Christian School-NE campus invites us into her grade 4/5 classroom which uses Teaching for Transformation to invite kids to meet real needs for real people in their learning.…
Featured image for “Episode 5: Jacquie, Burlington, and a Passion for Primary”

Episode 5: Jacquie, Burlington, and a Passion for Primary

Jacquie De Raaf at Trinity Christian School in Burlington, Ontario invites us into her grade 2 classroom with sound walls and timelines where students meet Jesus.…
Featured image for “Episode 4: Bonnie, Richmond, and a Better Story for Learning”

Episode 4: Bonnie, Richmond, and a Better Story for Learning

Bonnie Burton at Richmond Christian School invites us into RCS’s unique story of the purpose for learning.…
Featured image for “Episode 3: Shannon, Nanaimo, and Cultivating Belonging”

Episode 3: Shannon, Nanaimo, and Cultivating Belonging

Shannon Gillespie at Nanaimo Christian School shares her passion for middle school-aged students and Nanaimo’s unique theme-based learning structure.…
Featured image for “Episode 2: Zaak, Calgary, and Tossing Tests”

Episode 2: Zaak, Calgary, and Tossing Tests

Zaak Robichaud from Calgary Christian School shares a vision for mathematics that supports the whole student—academically but also social/emotionally.…
Featured image for “Episode 1: Harry, Hamilton, and Project Based Learning”

Episode 1: Harry, Hamilton, and Project Based Learning

For our maiden episode, Harry Blyleven from Hamilton District Christian High talks tech and Project Based Learning in the Every Square Centimetre “Nursery.”…





Jeremy Horlings

He tries not to take himself too seriously, but Jeremy Horlings is serious about Christian education. He comes by it honestly, experiencing the blessings of Christian education in a variety of roles and places throughout his life: a student from Kindergarten to grade 12 at Bulkley Valley Christian School in Smithers, British Columbia; earning his Education degree at The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta; learning the ropes of teaching as a grade 7 teacher at Covenant Christian School in Leduc, Alberta; focusing on Servant Leadership for his Masters in Educational Leadership; moving his family to Red Deer to work in administration at Gateway Christian School and landing in his current role as Associate Executive Director at the Prairie Centre for Christian Education.

Jeremy lives with his wife 👍  and 4 kids 😬 on an acreage outside of Red Deer, Alberta, learning the origins of a pickle and, every once in a while, getting the opportunity to travel to exotic cities like Hamilton, where he can experience native foods like "phlegm brûlée" 🤦‍♂️.

Justin Cook

A passionate Christian educator, Justin Cook has been a teacher at Surrey Christian Schools in British Columbia, and Toronto District Christian High School and Hamilton District Christian High School, both in Ontario. Although he was born in Iowa, his family moved to Canada in 1983 so that Justin could eventually be part of the Every Square Centimetre podcast. (Good thing that worked out…) Canada has always felt like his “home and native land!”

As Edvance’s Director of Learning, Justin now partners with schools in a vision of learning for flourishing communities, supporting schools to develop a learning vision that helps students to thrive as engaged citizens committed to their local communities and rooted in a vision of the interdependence and right-relatedness of all things through Christ’s reconciling reign.

At home, Justin and his wife Rachel (and their three beautiful children!) love trying to live intentionally in their neighborhood: sharing and restoring a multi-unit house, practicing hospitality, walking to church, and feasting with friends.


Darren Spyksma

Darren is the Director of Learning at SCSBC. Both there and in various positions at Agassiz Christian, Unity Christian, Centennial Christian, and Nanaimo Christian Schools, he has challenged others to explore and try out ideas that bring schools closer to best practice within a framework that is distinctly Christian. Darren is committed to learning that is built on meaningful relationships, is demanding and rigorous, and is engaging and relevant for the learner. He is most excited trying something new or tweaking something already present and learning from the experience. His goal is to support teachers in developing learning programs for students that move past content absorption, into learning experiences that not only increase student learning, but also transform them into agents of change in their small corner of the world.

Darren lives with his wife and 2 kids—one of them in college—in Abbotsford, British Columbia, where he’s currently fighting a war against manicured lawns (don’t get him started).


Graham Langridge

Graham has been a math/science/band teacher for 12 years, and is currently teaching at Gateway Christian School in Red Deer, Alberta. He lives in a yellow house with his wife and two children. He has been playing, performing, and recording music for many years which has translated nicely into podcast production over the past number of years.

An avid listener of many different genres of podcasts, Graham is excited to be involved with the Every Square Centimetre podcast. He loves being involved in interesting conversations with amazing educators, and prefers writing songs that are only a few seconds in length.




Sarah Burt

Sarah is a long-time believer in Christian education, having experienced it first hand as a student and more recently as an involved Christian school parent, volunteer, and board member. She spent 18 years in marketing and PR roles in high tech before joining Edvance in 2019. She supports the Edvance team (and now the Every Square Centimetre podcast) in all things marketing and communications.

Sarah was born and raised in Ontario, and her happy place is when she’s canoeing and camping in the wilds of Algonquin Park. She lives in Waterdown, Ontario with her husband, their two daughters, and a very excitable goldendoodle.


The Every Square Centimetre logo was created by Kevin van der Leek of SCSBC. The Every Square Centimetre map was created by the 2021 Communication Technology class at Hamilton District Christian High in Ancaster, Ontario.