Christian Schools Canada challenges us to be more effective school leaders. Elco Vandergrift

Our Mandate

Christian Schools Canada’s mandate is to promote a Canadian identity, voice and organization for Christian education based on a Biblical worldview by:

  • coordinating projects of service to our membership
  • communicating information among primary stakeholders
  • having an influence in the public debate on educational development in Canada through membership in national organizations
  • monitoring and influencing ongoing developments in public policy regarding Christian schools in Canada
  • partnering with other national and international Christian education organizations

What We Do

Tracking Issues in Education

Christian Schools Canada keeps abreast of national education issues and contributes to the public debate on educational developments in Canada through association with the Canadian Education Association and the Canadian Council of Ministers in Education.

Monitoring Public Policy

Christian Schools Canada members are kept informed of ongoing developments in public policy related to such as harassment, taxation and charitable donations, as well as how to deal with other controversial national issues. CSC is the national voice for member schools.

Biennial National Convention

Christian Schools Canada holds a national convention every two years that the three member regions, Western Canada, Central Canada and Eastern Canada take turns hosting. Keynote speakers and workshop leaders share their expertise to strengthen Christian schools, and best practices are exchanged among educators and administrators from all over the country. See details on the Conference page.

Shared Service Projects

Each region shares its work in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy, professional development, mentoring, certification and evaluation. Policies and procedures such as mediation and arbitration, school evaluation, early retirement and compensation are also shared, all with the aim of helping one another improve in areas of service to our schools, boards, teachers, and administrators.

Board of Directors

CSC Executive

Gayle Monsma
John Jagersma
Tricia Stobbe
Deani Van Pelt

Gabriella Hoogstra
John Jagersma, Vice Chair
Daniel Jovin
Dave Loewen (Executive Director, SCSBC)
Gayle Monsma (Executive Director, PCCE), Chair
Darren Spyksma
Tricia Stobbe, Treasurer
Deani Van Pelt (Executive Director, Edvance), Secretary
Carolynne Tolsma, Recording Secretary