Bonus Episode: Schooled!


In this special bonus episode, we connect with some of our favorite Christian school podcast friends and have some fun drafting our ideal schools using peculiar pools to choose from.

Our special guests include Krista Wallace (Learning to Serve podcast), Erik Ellefsen (Digical Education podcast), Dave Mulder (Hallway Conversations podcast), and Lynn Swaner (Moving Forward with Lynn Swaner podcast).

  • In round 1 we draft our school name and motto using 80’s bands and their songs.
  • In round 2 we draft our school sports teams, colors and mascot using a current pro sports team.
  • In round 3 we draft our school’s framework using some of the options from the Christian Deeper Learning network.
  • In round 4 we draft our school building type.
  • In round 5 we draft our school’s mode of transportation.
  • In round 6 we draft our school principal using characters from the Bible.
  • In round 7 we draft our lead teacher using characters from a TV show.

Who drafted the best school team? Let us know what you think at

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