Join unique storytellers as they share their particular journeys on the road of discovery and healing towards Exclusion and Embrace.

Idelette M: Hear Idelette’s personal story of recognizing her part in the history of apartheid and white privilege while growing up in South Africa; and her desire to repent,  change and bring healing “not because I have to prove anything; doing it because we need a new world in which people don’t die for the color of their skin.”

Megan H: Hear how Megan has come to a place of peace in her community and reconciled her identity as gay growing up in the church and Christian school.

Jeremy T and former DCS students: Hear how students from the Cowichan First Nation are essential to the flourishing of Duncan Christian School.

A Rocha: Healing the land = Healing the people – a key message that ARocha seeks to bring to communities around the world.

Trinity Western University: Hear how through the complexity of arguing their strict community standards covenant at the Supreme Court of Canada, TWU has moved to a position of “What does Christian hospitality look like on our university campus?”


“Life at the end of the twentieth century presents us with a disturbing reality. Otherness, the simple fact of being different in some way, has come to be defined as in and of itself evil. Miroslav Volf contends that if the healing word of the gospel is to be heard today, Christian[s]…must find ways of speaking that address the hatred of the other. Reaching back to the New Testament metaphor of salvation as reconciliation, Volf proposes the idea of embrace as a…response to the problem of exclusion.”

“By embracing the “outcast,” Jesus underscored the “sinfulness” of the persons and systems that cast them out.”

Miroslav Volf