Exclusion & Embrace 10th Leadership Conference

Christian Schools Canada Conference 2018

Dear Christian Schools Canada Conference registrant:

The CSC2020 Conference “Exclusion and Embrace” is a memory from a few weeks ago. Your attendance and participation throughout the day was valued. We trust that you were able to reflect on the timely and important messages that were presented.

Many of you inquired about receiving notes regarding the process and resources that Trinity Western University used in arriving at their posture of hospitality. Those notes can be viewed here.

The recording of the conference is also available for your use. It has been split into three sections – (1) the morning opening and first keynote with Miroslav Volf Q&A; the (2) middle Storytelling pieces (Idelette: Hear Idelette’s personal story of recognizing her part in the history of apartheid and white privilege while growing up in South Africa; and her desire to repent,  change and bring healing “not because I have to prove anything; doing it because we need a new world in which people don’t die for the color of their skin.”; Megan: Hear how Megan has come to a place of peace in her community and reconciled her identity as gay growing up in the church and Christian school. Jeremy and Marianna: Hear how students from the Cowichan First Nation are essential to the flourishing of Duncan Christian School. A Rocha: Healing the land = Healing the people – a key message that ARocha seeks to bring to communities around the world. Trinity Western University: Hear how through the complexity of arguing their strict community standards covenant at the Supreme Court of Canada, TWU has moved to a position of “What does Christian hospitality look like on our university campus?”; and the (3) final Miroslav Volf Q&A with the closing blessing.

These recordings are the express property of Christian Schools Canada and we ask that you complete and return the attached Content Use Agreement Form to understand the terms and conditions for use of any part of the Conference material. Use of the Conference material is for school specific purposes: staff and administrative team professional development, Board development. Once the Agreement is received, a password protected link will be sent to you. Please send the completed Agreement to:  Carolynne.tolsma@scsbc.ca

We wish you God’s richest blessings as you continue to lead your school community throughout the rest of the unique and challenging year that 2020 has turned out to be.

In His Service,

Christian Schools Canada 2020 Leadership Conference Planning Team