Exclusion & Embrace 10th Leadership Conference

Christian Schools Canada Conference 2018

About the Event

Our Deep Hope is that as you join us in Winnipeg, you will experience and reflect upon the richness of spending time at the Father’s Table: as you “pull up a chair” with your Christian school leader colleagues you will experience the connection, the blessing, the brokenness and the opportunities for giving that come when sitting a while at the Table. Additionally, as you experience those gifts, you will be challenged and equipped to lead your community into the fullness of life at the Table.

The Conference

The event will be structured so that you will experience some time around the Table in all its richness: blessing, connection, brokenness and giving. The “how” of the conference will immerse you in these elements.

The “what” of the conference will use these elements to frame the learning experiences. As we will be using the Canadian Museum for Human Rights as one of our “keynote speakers,” time will be spent learning about and from people who have not always felt included or welcomed at the Table.  

Alongside those immersive experiences, you will be challenged to think about your role at the Table as a leader. The rhythm of the conference will include times to set the stage, times to learn and hear stories and then times to reflect on “how now do I lead.”


The conference will be held in two venues that are walking distance from each other in the heart of Winnipeg.

The Fort Garry Hotel, built in 1913, is one of Winnipeg’s most recognizable landmarks and is a wonderful mix of contemporary style and “old world” elegance. The hotel will both be the primary hotel conference attendees stay at and “home base” for the conference.

You are responsible for booking your own accommodations. Room rates start at $139 per night + applicable taxes.  To reserve your accommodations, visit here. Room availability is guaranteed until 5 PM on August 22, 2022.

Fort Garry Hotel

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, a ten-minute walk (650m) from the hotel, the museum is located in The Forks area. We will spend most of the day on Wednesday at the museum, moving between workshops, tours and small group interactions. If you have mobility challenges that make walking this distance difficult, please contact office@pcce.ca so we can make alternate arrangements.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights