Christian Schools Canada Conference 2018

Christian Deeper Learning Pre-Conference

A Pre-Conference Event Facilitated by the CSC Standing Committee of Learning

September 26, 2018, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm in the Victoria Ballroom at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel.

Fee: $75.00 ($66.37 + $8.63 HST) per attendee.

Christian Schools Canada’s Standing Committee of Learning invites all conference attendees to participate in a Celebration of Christian Deeper Learning on Wednesday, September 26th. Building on engagements in previous years in Boston, Chicago, Banff, and Gainesville, the CSC conference this fall in Ottawa is a perfect time and place to host the next Christian Deeper Learning gathering.

The Backstory

Education reform has been a hot topic in Canada and beyond for many years. Given the deluge of information and content that is at anyone’s fingertips, what should a teacher teach? And, just as importantly, how should a teacher teach? As Jamie Smith highlighted at the Christian Schools Canada convention in 2014, we are not just “brains on a stick.”

As part of this education reform movement, a number of leading organizations in education formed a movement known as Deeper Learning. Some schools and leaders affiliated with Christian Schools Canada have participated in these conversations and many of us are committed to this shift in education.

Some might argue that it isn’t a shift at all. For decades we have had meaningful discussions about what Christ-centred education for responsive discipleship and wisdom can look like. At the core of this discussion is our desire for the children of our schools to flourish. We want them to experience Christ’s love, to understand the times, and with hope and competence find their purpose and place in God’s unfolding story of the universe revealed through both Scripture and creation.

More information to come.