Episode 8: Perpetual, Oakville, and Diversity


In this episode, Perpetual Boafo at King’s Christian Collegiate in Oakville, Ontario, invites us into her grade 10 Careers classroom which embodies “diversity + inclusion = belonging.” Join the ESC “Corps” as we learn:

  • some interesting tidbits about our names (spoiler alert: Darren could have been Darlene)
  • even grade 8’s can start a day off sharing their gratitude
  • Oakville is as pleasant as it’s name sounds - right down to having Canada’s best weather
  • King’s Christian Collegiate’s community is as wonderful as Oakville is pleasant
  • a supply or sub teacher can have a lasting impact on their students
  • a recommended resource on diversity - Simon Sinek’s podcast episode “Enchantment with Chloe Valdary", and
  • that Christian schools need to be leading the diversity conversation in a peculiar way.

Connect with Perpetual at pboafo@kingschristian.ca.


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