Episode 9: Sandy, Duncan, and Truth & Reconciliation


In this episode, our virtual tour of Canada takes the ferry to the “Warm Land” of Duncan Christian School in Duncan, British Columbia, with grade six teacher Sandy Veenstra.  Join our ESC “gang” hosted by Sandy and her 40 year teaching  journey into deeper truth and reconciliation with the Cowichan Tribes as we learn:

  • how thankful Darren, Justin and Jeremy are for our elementary school teachers - one of them even gave one of us a friend...
  • why Darren is so smart… (hint: it was Sandy.)
  • conventions provide wonderful stories, of which some are embarrassing
  • that Duncan is called the City of Totems
  • how Duncan Christian School has walked faithfully through some major demographic shifts… namely forming beautiful community as both settlers and First Nations of the Cowichan Valley
  • how a Christian school teacher’s journey can transform their life outside of school, and
  • that artists like Michelle Stoney can help school communities express truth and reconciliation.

Connect with Sandy at sveenstra@duncanchristian.com.


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