Episode 1: Harry, Hamilton, and Project Based Learning


For our maiden episode, Harry Blyleven from Hamilton District Christian High talks tech and Project Based Learning in the Every Square Centimetre "Nursery.” Join us as we learn: 

  • where the "poo" emoji lands in the list of all time used emojis. 
  • that they don't serve "phlegm brûlée" in Ontario... or anywhere else for that matter.
  • the sad context of the name "mush hole."
  • about Hamilton District Christian High School's focus on PBL and technology.
  • Harry's attempt to redeem the cell phone in education.
  • how Harry's class developed an app to create a walking tour for a historical spot in southern Ontario.
  • that raccoons rank 4th in animals that bite Hamiltonians.

You can connect with Harry at hblyleven@hdch.org.


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