Episode 10: Matt, Winnipeg, and Outdoor Education


In this episode, Matt Klassen at Calvin Christian Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba, takes us out of the classroom to find God in outdoor education. Join the ESC “Drove” as we learn: 

  • Road rage Darren may be scarier than lawn removal Darren
  • Neil Young may be cool enough to be called a Pegger, while most people from the city at the center of North America are called Winnipeggers
  • The Forks in downtown Winnipeg is the bullseye of North America
  • That Winnipeg as a city has committed to Truth and Reconciliation through Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord
  • The only thing better than a home cooked meal, is a home harvested meal
  • The importance of getting out of the classroom and connecting with the land around us
  • That university requirements should not always dictate the learning experiences we invite students into in high school, and 
  • Ice-fishing holes and bee hives are part of God’s every square centimetre too.

Connect with Matt at klassenm@calvinchristian.mb.ca.


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