Episode 11: Big Boss Gayle, Prairies, and Women in Leadership


In our first “Big Boss” episode, Gayle Monsma, the Executive Director of the Prairie Centre for Christian Education, leads us through the Canadian Prairies and schools us in some women’s leadership truths.

Join the ESC “Glittering” as we learn:

  • we need a geography teacher to teach us a few things about continents;
  • how staff can have some good, clean fun when administration is out of the building (or not so clean when it involves laying sod);
  • how the Alberta alternative program is peculiar in the Canadian Christian school landscape;
  • about the humble beginnings of a little thing we like to call “Teaching for Transformation;”
  • some of the specific barriers that women face in leadership; and
  • about Gayle’s involvement in some exciting initiatives that are happening to support women leaders.

Connect with Gayle at gmonsma@pcce.ca, or check out one of Gayle’s posts on the Women Leaders for Christian Education blog.


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