Episode 12: Campfire Conversation


In this special episode, Darren hosts the second Every Square Centimetre “campfire” conversation. Inspired by our chat with Matt Klassen from Calvin Christian Collegiate (episode 10), Darren asks how we can double down on prioritizing experience in educational design, and the conversation quickly led to evaluating the impact of grading and post-secondary school admissions on learning.

Once again, we included quite a feisty “crossfire” segment, responding to listener messages/questions like:

  • Who has inspired us in our current roles?
  • What is a favourite Christmas gift from a student?
  • What’s a song you listened to on repeat in middle school?
  • What is a story of regret from your past?

Do you have questions you'd like us to tackle in a future episode? Connect with us at everysquarecentimetre@gmail.com.


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