Episode 13: Loretta, Charlottetown, and Primary PBL


In episode 13, Loretta Anderson at Immanuel Christian School in Charlottetown, PEI, invites us into her grade 1 classroom where students are invited to create beautiful work in learning about their neighbours, the farm, and more.. Join the ESC “Troop” as we learn: 

  • Biking can be good for relationships… whether that be completing an over 300km trek with your husband (as in Loretta’s case) or just going out on your own to blow off some steam after being cooped up too long during Covid (as Jeremy’s case);
  • That according to our extensive research and backed by our experience with Loretta, the most patient teachers are Grade 1 teachers… second is grade 12?;
  • To be called a true “Islander” you need to not only live on PEI, but you had to be born there as well;
  • How grade 1 students can be empowered to create beautiful work and nurtured to provide feedback for each other;
  • That students do their best work when their work matters and has a purpose beyond the classroom walls like at Island Hill Farm; and
  • That there‘s nothing like the gifts grade 1 students give - Loretta received a gift that was 13 feet tall! Read the CBC article about it here.

Connect with Loretta at landerson@immanuelchristianschool.ca.


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