Episode 14: Janice, Surrey, and Teaching for Transformation


In this episode, Janice MacDonald at Surrey Christian School in Surrey, BC, invites us into her Vocation 12 classroom where students discover their vocational identity in God’s kingdom. Join the ESC “Run” as we learn:

  • Sometimes the pain of our own schooling experience becomes the catalyst for God’s redemptive work in our own lives.  
  • The word “wholeness” is missional at Surrey Christian School in a desire to become “more fully alive in God’s story.”
  • That Surrey is soon expected to be the largest city in BC–surpassing Vancouver.
  • Why Janice may soon be playing the breath-holding (!) game Kabaddi in her phys ed class.
  • That TfT storyboards visually share the learning journey of the class,
  • How Thomas Merton and the enneagram help Janice invite her Vocation 12 students to see themselves as image reflectors and,
  • That Christian vocation is about much much more than just getting a job. But don’t take our word for it. Janice’s students Deborah and Paige will show you what “fully alive” looks like in their capstone projects!

Connect with Janice at Jmacdonald@surreychristian.com.


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