Episode 15: Fiona, Adelaide, and Life as Worship


In this episode, ESC goes global with its first international square centimetre! Fiona Partridge from Adelaide, Australia, introduces us to a CSC sister organization–Christian Education National (CEN)–and shares a kingdom vision of all life and all things participating in worship. Join the ESC “Wisdom” as we learn: 

  • Some pretty impressive Aussie idioms;
  • That “emu bobbing” could replace the Throughline Earth Keeping;
  • That getting Darren, Jeremy, and Justin to run a marathon would be like having “A few roos loose in the top paddock”;
  • The Kuyperian roots that connect CEN and CSC share;
  • How Fiona’s perspective that “all of life is worship” impacts her teaching, leading and living;
  • What it might mean to be marigolds in our relationships;
  • That the digestive system of a wombat would put a sparkle in the eye of any geometry teacher; and
  • That Christian education shouldn’t attempt to be “private” education.

Connect with Fiona at fiona.partridge@cen.edu.au


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