Episode 16: Sherry, Lacombe, and “Living God’s Dream”


In this episode, Sherry Ten Hove from Lacombe Christian School in Lacombe, Alberta welcomes us into her kindergarten classroom where the students ask “How can we live God’s dream?” Join the ESC “Coterie” as we learn: 

  • that Justin and Darren have farm memories that they can’t unsee or unsmell,
  • the rare occurrence of harvesting in the snow is a small price to pay for living under the big beautiful prairie skies,
  • some educational recommendations for teaching new readers,
  • how Sherry’s Deep Hope involves introducing students to God’s big story,
  • how a Wolterstorff quote inspired Sherry to invite her kindergarten students to seek out ways to actively “live God’s dream”, and
  • that engaging in real work that meets real needs for real people is not a substitution for academic rigour.

Connect with Sherry at stenhove@lacs.ca


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