Episode 18: Laura, Victoria, and Rand’s Rangers


In this episode, Laura Rand welcomes us into her grade 1 classroom where students are excited to play their important part as “Rangers,” caring for the earth and doing important tasks in God’s world. Join the ESC “Raft” as we learn:

  • that Darren bought a lot of Smartie McFlurries for love in high school,
  • that Pacific Christian School takes territory acknowledgment seriously by including it directly on their home page,
  • how Victoria’s Empress Hotel brings the British into the name British Columbia,
  • where the band 54-40 got the inspiration for their name,
  • how being a ranger is exactly the Christian role that Laura wants to embody with her grade 1 students, especially after she was labelled as being in a “bad class” growing up,
  • that tree planting just might be the ideal job training for designing a natural primary classroom,
  • that dyslexia and reading requires personalized care and support, and
  • why Laura describes her first ever class – a split grade – as “we were wild, we were nuts, we were happy, and I loved it.”

Connect with Laura at laura.rand@pacificchristian.ca.


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