Episode 19: Matt, London, and a Maker Studio


In this episode, Matt Rock welcomes us to his maker studio and high school Construction Technologies courses, where he and his students love engaging in “high impact projects.” Join the ESC “Herd” as we learn: 

  • that cedar strip canoes can be a labour of love,
  • that Darren knows every square centimetre of Canadian farm to table restaurants,
  • that every Friday deserves a good classroom cheer of “What day is it??!!?”,
  • that designing high impact projects is a ton of work, but once you get a taste you can never go back,
  • that feature walls can tell the beautiful story of an organization’s identity,
  • that London, ON, existed for over 10,000 years on the Antlered River, long before it was ever colonized into London,
  • that London Christian High summarizes its mission as “People and Purpose”,
  • how Matt highlights creative thinking and the design process in his “maker studio” classroom,
  • that sometimes when our leaders challenge us to see our courses as the reason students want to get up in the morning a fire gets lit, and
  • that sometimes our classrooms can foster partnerships around the world!

Connect with Matt at mrock@lchonline.ca.


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