Episode 2: Zaak, Calgary, and Tossing Tests


In this episode, Zaak Robichaud from Calgary Christian School shares a vision for mathematics that supports the whole student—academically but also social/emotionally—in the ESC “Route.” Join us as we discover:

  • the superfruit you’ve probably never heard of.
  • the real purpose behind land acknowledgement.
  • how many mini donuts are consumed annually at the Calgary Stampede.
  • the four best breweries in Calgary.
  • the unique experience of being a teacher at a public Christian school.
  • Zaak’s (successful!) experiment in not giving students grades.
  • the unexpected story of an inspiring math student.
  • the depth and doctrine of incarnation.
  • what to throw and not to throw at a coyote.

Connect with Zaak at Zaak.Robichaud@pallisersd.ab.ca.


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