Episode 21: Alex, Drayton Valley, and Growth in Math Instruction


In this episode, Alex Farquhar welcomes us to Drayton Christian School in Drayton Valley, Alberta, where Alex wants all grade six students to know they are capable in their learning. Join the ESC “Clowder” as we learn: 

  • Darren has an uncanny ability to identify the cost of esoteric items in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue,
  • international teaching experiences can be an education in itself,
  • having both spouses apply for a single teaching job, doubles your chances of someone in your family getting it… it’s just math,
  • Drayton Valley is an oil town with quick access to the Rocky Mountains and a notable incentive for post-secondary education,
  • embracing a growth mindset as a teacher is foundational for encouraging it in our students, and
  • being willing to put all of our teaching practices under review for continued growth not only can have a significant impact on student learning, but also can remind us to approach our students as image-bearers of Christ.

Connect with Alex at alex.farquhar@wrsd.ca.


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