Episode 22: John and Summer, Abbotsford, and Dogs Going to School


In this episode, John van der Leek and PADS dog Summer welcome us to Abbotsford Christian School, where they work together to help all students give and receive love and acceptance.  Join the ESC “Family” as we learn: 

  • that when it comes to anniversary arguments, Darren says Jeremy’s wife is always right,
  • that the place you’d park your car at a dog school is the “barking lot”,
  • that according to Statistics Canada, Abbotsford is the most generous city in terms of donations for 9 straight years,
  • that a dog’s unconditional love and obedience can make it an incredible servant worker in a school, and
  • more practically, having a PADS dog in a school can be an amazing mental health resource.

Connect with John (and Summer) at johnvanderleek@abbotsfordchristian.com.


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