Episode 23: Joonyong, Paju (Korea), and Companionship over Competition


In this episode, ESC once again goes global to Paju, Korea! Joonyong provides a fantastic look into both Korean and Canadian Christian education, highlighting the need for educators to actively combat the way schooling can default to an ethos of competition. Join the ESC “Clutter” as we learn: 

  • Korean males have mandatory military service due to Korea’s ongoing conflict with North Korea,
  • “Stew Spyksma” gives “Maverick” a run for its money as the best air force pilot handle,
  • Joonyong lives in the shadow of the “DMZ”--the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea,
  • Noodles mean it's wedding time!
  • We have to replace competition with compassion and companionship as the driving ethos of education. Joonyong’s graduate work in this was inspired by the fact that none of his grade 10 classmates would share their notes with him after a two week absence. 
  • And that Elaine Brouwer’s work with the SCSBC–Assessment as a Gift–has made an international impact on Christian education.

Connect with Joonyong at jywind7@gmail.com


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