Episode 24: Lisa, St. Catharines, and Sometimes School is Hard


In this episode, ESC goes to Beacon Christian School in St. Catharines, ON to visit Lisa Vanderkuip who is committed to helping students when school gets hard. Join the ESC “Passel” as we learn: 

  • Lisa’s sister befriended Sting and ended up with back-stage passes to Amnesty International!
  • Through our new game, “AI or A+,” sometimes you can tell the difference between ChatGPT and an actual poet! 
  • St. Catharines is a canal town and won the canal battle between the Welland and the Erie canals,
  • You can worship in Harriet Tubman’s church in St. Catharines: British Methodist Episcopal Church Salem Chapel on Geneva Street,
  • Lisa is a proud graduate of the school that she now serves,
  • The Canada Fitness Award program’s “Flexed Arm Hang” has scarred many Canadian children, including Lisa, Darren, and Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip!
  • God has a calling for all of us, and Lisa is committed to finding that with students for whom school is really hard,
  • Lisa has a vision for schools to group students in many ways beyond just by age, and
  • How educational best practices like the Science of Reading movement can enliven our own teaching and empower students to succeed, but it requires leadership to create change.

Connect with Lisa at lvanderkuip@beaconchristian.org.


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