Episode 25: Campfire Conversation


In this special episode, Darren hosts another Every Square Centimetre “campfire” conversation. Building on the conversation with Joonyong, the three of us discuss how competition seems to be such a lingering ethos for education and how Joonyong urges us to replace competition with systems of compassion in our schools. How do we intersect some of the natural aspects of competition in nature, sports, etc. with a Saviour who continuously created space for the marginalized and rejected. We pondered questions like the following:

  • Does university entrance acceptance automatically require competition?
  • Is nature inherently competitive? Interdependent? Or both?
  • How might a biology 12 exam be a collaborative experience
  • What impact does the bell curve still have on our attitudes toward student achievement? Are we still trying to “sort” kids?
  • Is Dweck’s focus on mindsets set the stage for compassion over competition? For a priority on highlighting passion and effort, even in university?


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