Episode 26: Big Boss Ed, British Columbia, and the future of Christian education


In our second “Big Boss” episode, Ed Noot, the retiring Executive Director of the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia, offers us his reflection on the state of Christian education through the Wayfinder prompts “praise, lament, and hope.” Join the ESC “Band” as we learn:

  • A  donation of bone marrow might result in a lifelong friendship. 
  • When Ed grows up he hopes to be like his mom.
  • In 1920, Zorro was better known for his “mark” rather than his “mask.”
  • B.C. is home to some of the world’s largest things, such as a fly fishing rod (Houston), totem pole (Alert Bay), garden gnome (Nanoose Bay), wooden paddle (Golden), cuckoo clock (Kimberley), hockey stick (Duncan), and tin soldier (New Westminster).
  • How Ed celebrates the joyful increase of diversity in Christian education.
  • That Ed has asked a past grade 7 class “What kind of car would Jesus drive?” and laments that a few parents were unhappy about that question. 
  • That Ed has a lot of hope for Christian education to move away from fear and toward courage and boldness because of the people he knows working in Christian education, and
  • That Ed shared these celebrations, laments, and hopes and more for christian education in his latest SCSBC “The Link” article here.

    Connect with Ed at edwardnoot@gmail.com


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