Episode 28: Stephanie, Limoges, and Unconventional Bilingual Christian Education


In this episode, Stephanie Montojo invites us to Academia Stella Maris, an independent bilingual Catholic school in Limoges, ON. Stella Maris means Star of the Sea in Latin. Catholics see Mary as the Star of the Sea who points the way to her Son; just like sailors would use the stars for direction, so ASM looks to Mary for direction to Jesus. Join the ESC “Scurry” as we learn:

  • warm June evenings are all about the smell of hay, Dairy Queen after soccer games, and the sound of neighbourhood kids screaming “bloody murder!”,
  • celebrations of learning in June can help emphasize students’ (and teachers’!) own experience in learning and de-emphasize the story of grades and report cards at the end of year,
  • Canada didn’t become bilingual until 1969 (Ontario didn’t officially recognize the use of French until 1984!),
  • Stephanie’s own background as a Franco-Ontarian also included discrimination because French was her first language,
  • ASM is a bilingual hybrid school program, teaching students in both French and English as a first language, as well as to students who come to school both full and part time, and
  • ASM students also take a customized curriculum which is co-designed by the school and parents, catering to their ability level for each subject.

Connect with Stephanie at smontojo@academiastellamaris.ca.


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