Episode 29: Paul, Hobart (Australia), and ChatGPT in Christian Schools


We go international in this episode, as Paul Matthews invites us to Calvin Christian School in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Paul believes AI tools, like ChatGPT, can be a real beneficial tool to help keep Christian educators in Christian schools. Join the ESC “Mob” as we learn:

  • sometimes it's necessary to kill a bass to catch a muskie,
  • which Canadian or Australian beast would win a “battle of the beasts” in a school gymnasium,
  • how AI will be able to help teachers design individualized, differentiated lessons,
  • that Christians need to be involved in AI spaces as a place of creativity,
  • that burrowing your head in the sand, like an echidna, will be ineffective because technology makes ecological changes rather than additive changes,
  • that students will take a “huge haircut” if we don’t prepare students to use AI well, and
  • how you can be involved in Paul’s AI pilot program, myteacheraide.com.

Connect with Paul at paul@myteacheraide.com.


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