Episode 3: Shannon, Nanaimo, and Cultivating Belonging


In episode 3, Shannon Gillespie at Nanaimo Christian School shares a passion for middle school-aged students specifically, and Nanaimo’s unique theme-based structure for their learning. Join the ESC “Gam” as we learn:

    • that some of us really don’t know much about musicals.
    • that in Nanaimo, bathtubs are for racing in the Salish Sea.
    • the payoff when you take the time to onboard new students.
    • why middle schoolers are not just shorter high school students.
    • how Shannon’s grade 8 math class delved into the world of real estate.
    • that flexible student grouping can encourage engagement and passion in learning.
    • how a commitment to professional co-planning and collaboration is worth the effort.
    • why fitting in is the opposite of belonging.
    • that BC ferries can double as a pretty good whale tour.

    You can reach Shannon at Shannon.gillespie@ncsnanaimo.com. She also has her own podcast for her students! Check it out here!


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