Episode 30: Campfire Conversation #6 with Tricia


In this special episode, Darren hosts another Every Square Centimetre “campfire” conversation. Recognizing that there are a number of exhausted educators across our country, we invite Tricia Schinkel, school counsellor at Calvin Christian School in Hamilton, to help us process some of our questions: How do we stay well as we engage life in the present season? What role does the school play in promoting the individual well-being of staff? and “How do you recover after a season of not being well?”

As always, we end our campfire conversation with the “Cross Fire” segment, where we banter over listener inspired prompts: 

  • What’s something the people in your family don’t appreciate enough about you?
  • What’s something you’ve messed up recently? 
  • What was Justin’s bluegrass band experience and was Tricia part of a punk rock band? 

You can connect with Tricia at tricia.schinkel@gmail.com


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