Episode 31: Eli, Beamsville, and Inquiry-Based Physics


In this episode, Eli Banta invites us to Great Lakes Christian High School, in Beamsville, Ontario. Join the ESC “Run” as we learn:

  • about “hookin’ humpies” and hitting “seagulls with suckers,”
  • that residents of Beamsville are either Sunbeams or Beamsvillians,
  • that half of the student population of Great Lakes Christian High School are international students that live on campus,
  • that Physics allows us to see some amazing aspects of the Creator that we can’t see anywhere else,
  • what quantum entanglement is not,
  • how inquiry-based learning and Cooperative Group Problem Solving (CGPS) can better engage learners, and
  • that we’re all turtles on a fencepost.

Connect with Eli at eli.banta@gmail.com.


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