Episode 32: Ruth, Guatemala City (Guatemala), and the Importance of Restorative Practices


We go international in episode 32, as Ruth Rodriguez invites us to AMG (Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel) in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Ruth is the executive director of AMG Guatemala and helps bring Christian education to some of the poorest and most dangerous communities in Guatemala. Join the ESC “shadow” as we learn:

  • who was “privileged” to have comic strips available on the back of the toilet when they were growing up,
  • what the idiom, “It’s a long way from saying to doing,” means,
  • the importance of students experiencing the joy of being someone that matters, being listened to, and invited to play a role in God’s story,
  • that brokenness means “the failure to recognize that we are sinners…”,
  • how Christian schools can be places for community healing and open spaces to be heard, and
  • how raccoons could be more of a pest in North America if they adopted the strategy of breaking windows and hiding in schools, like some of their South American relatives.

Connect with Ruth at rrodriguez@amg.org.gt.


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