Episode 33: Sara, Rocky Mountain House, and Using Lego to Invite Students Into God’s Story


In this episode, Sara Douma invites us to Rocky Christian School, an alternative Christian school program in the Wild Rose School Division. Join the ESC “Madness” as we learn:

  • That whether or not you teach Phys Ed, you should have some go-to games to play with your students,
  • That Rocky Mountain Mudd can refer to a filthy hike or some filthy coffee,
  • How Lego can help connect students to God’s story,
  • Why apologizing to students teaches that every single person in our classrooms needs to be treated like an image bearer of God,
  • That “fly’s” and “oranges” could use a rebranding, and
  • What an honor and a gift it is to be invited into your student’s lives and to walk alongside them as they figure out how to understand and accept God’s love for them.

Connect with Sara at sara.douma@wrsd.ca


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