Episode 4: Bonnie, Richmond, and a Better Story for Learning


In this episode, Bonnie Burton at Richmond Christian School invites us into RCS’s unique story of the purpose for learning. Join the ESC “Convocation” as we learn:

  • the connection between Odie and having a growth mindset.
  • sometimes punishment requires a good ice cream sandwich.
  • faking a fight is one way to see who your real friends are.
  • when it comes to city-building you’d rather not have to worry about liquefaction.
  • how a city’s unique demographics shapes the story and culture of a school.
  • that a learning commons vision can ignite student passion and creativity.
  • that rhythms of quiet and prayer prepare us for the work we do.
  • that crafting a good staff memo matters.

You can reach Bonnie at bburton@myrcs.ca.


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