Episode 5: Jacquie, Burlington, and a Passion for Primary


In this episode, Jacquie De Raaf at Trinity Christian School in Burlington, Ontario invites us into her grade 2 classroom with sound walls and timelines where students meet Jesus. Join the ESC “Cast” as we learn:

  • chair take-down can be seriously risky business.
  • that colour matters in a teacher’s wardrobe.
  • what a Bruce Trail “end to ender” is.
  • that 26 letters equals 42 phonemes.
  • the significance of the Hebrew phrase Tohu vavohu.
  • that it’s time to start planning class trips to Israel.
  • that twins actually share the same birthday!
  • what it might look like to embody a school’s mission statement

Connect with Jacquie at jacquie.deraaf@tcsonline.ca.


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