Episode 6: Liz, Edmonton, and Real Work


In this episode, Liz Rachul at Edmonton Christian School-Northeast Campus in Edmonton, Alberta, invites us into her grade 4/5 classroom which uses Teaching for Transformation to invite kids to meet real needs for real people in their learning. Join the ESC “Surfeit” as we learn:

  • some cats don’t have owners, they have staff. 
  • that cups and goblets are not the same.
  • that there’s 17 hours of daylight in Edmonton for summer solstice (and only 7.5 hours during winter solstice).
  • the Edmonton Mall has a lake in it!
  • the profound impact that prayer has had on Liz’s career path.
  • how Liz got to re-write the story of her relationship to her own teachers.
  • how to use a math lesson as an opportunity to serve sandwiches at the Mustard Seed Church
  • that buses are for doing field work not field trips.
  • that community partners provide amazing expertise and authenticity for student learning.

Connect with Liz at Liz.Rachul@epsb.ca.


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